Probate is the legal process of administering an estate, with assets valued in excess of $100,000, after someone has died. It often involves the transference of real estate to an heir. As, Certified Probate Real Estate Specialists we can help you navigate through the probate system and also help minimize the stress typically involved in the process.

Santa Barbara County Courthouse
Santa Barbara County Courthouse

If you have been named as a Personal Representative or an Executor in a will it is your responsibility to gather deeds, insurance papers, annuities, and mortgage documents. You are also responsible to safeguard the assets during the probate process and also to liquidate assets according to the decedent’s wishes. This may involve clearing outstanding obligations.

Whether you are located here in Santa Barbara or Montecito or across the country, we work closely with your legal and financial advisors specifically to help you handle your probate real estate matters. We even make court appearances with attorneys as needed.

There are many more elements involved in selling probate real estate beyond just listing, marketing and selling the property. Allow us to free you up from handling the myriad of details involved prior to putting the property on the market and during escrow. These additional services include:

We understand that the probate process can feel overwhelming. Let us help alleviate your concerns and insure a smooth transition.

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by User:Edgy01 (Dan Lindsay)
by User:Edgy01 (Dan Lindsay)
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